2018 Annual General Meeting

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Held on Saturday 4 August 2019, at Skirsgill Auction Mart, Penrith, 29 members present

  1. Apologies received
  2. Minutes of the 2017 AGM – approved
  3. Matters Arising – none
  4. Chair Person’s report and discussion
  5. Treasurer’s Report: reappointment of auditor; 2017/2018 Financial Statement
  6. Membership Secretary’s Report: membership statistics; payments by standing order; revised membership form
  7. Election of committee members: John Cook (website), Dianne Cross (publicity), Joan Hardie (newsletter) were re-elected. The posts of Chair and Vice Chair are vacant. Joan Hardie is acting  Chair and John Cook acting Vice Chair until the end of 2018. The Treasurer is not able to continue beyond October 2018.
  8. Any Other Business