Beverley Porter

T: 07584578926

My name is Beverley Porter and I am a ceramic artist working from shared studios in Dewsbury, West York's. My work is concerned mainly with the human figure although animals are creeping in here and there. My work often has a typically 'British' sense of humour and can be quite tongue in cheek. The work has a gestural, sculptural quality with my main influences namely, Michael Flynn, Claire Curneen, Rodin and the paintings of Frank Auerbach. I hand build all the pieces as I love the process of transforming a lump of wet earth into a recognisable figure. My pieces are often highly decorative with the use of coloured under glaze, clear gloss glaze and lustres, however I have begun to experiment more recently with a heavy application of oxides which is giving the body of work quite a different appearance.

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