Daniel Bridge

T: 01282457977, 07743897998
E: danielbridge07@btinternet.com

I am a new ceramic artist from Burnley, producing tableware and sculptural pieces. I graduated from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff over 10 years ago and I am practising ceramics part-time as I am working as a heating engineer. I am aiming to become a full-time ceramicist, since being diagnosed with Parkinson's. With this new porcelain range I have simplified the forms which are inspired by art deco shapes and added platinum circles. The circles represent the dopamine levels that are decreasing within my brain. I noticed in research that dopamine cells are represented as two dots or circles. I research Parkinson's and the challenges it brings to my movements, co-ordination, balance and speech and try to counteract this by throwing table ware that is ordered and delicate.

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