Gwen Humble

T: 01287 642264

I studied art at Green Lane College in the early 1960,s for two years. It was in 1972 when I first started to study ceramics and have devoted the last 40 years to this. While also teaching pottery- making at Redcar College, Redcar Adult Learning Service and Middlesbrough Community Learning Service. I am now retired, so I have more time to develop my own ceramics. I favour stoneware pottery/ceramics not just for the range of glazes that I can use but its other benefits such as it being frost proof and also less likely to chip. I make a range of very different ceramics both hand building methods and wheel thrown forms. Some are directly influenced by natural forms for example the many different lichens that grow on stones and mosses, and fungi , which I see as the landscape inside the landscape. I also enjoy the sculptural side of ceramics influenced by the human form and my own version of the greenman/ greenwoman. I will often throw forms purely to develop aesthetic shape rather than functional such as bottlenecks. My ceramics have also been influenced by books such as Tolkien Lord Of The Rings and the Hobbit.

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