Kath Himsworth

T: 01642 479106 / 07816 358042
E: kakathkeramics@icloud.com

Based in Marske-By-The-Sea, Kath loves walking on the sands north to Redcar and/or south to Saltburn-By-The-Sea. The changing tides, light and seasons give her inspiration. Kath's hand-built stoneware pieces are of crank, buff or porcelain body. Each finished design is a one-off. Kath's techniques include thumb, coil, slab and a combination of these. Size and shape vary from textured buttons and earrings to grand bulbous organic forms. Her pigs and elephants are popular. Kath designs spiritually-inspired tea-light holders. She cuts out words of Scripture from slabs, eg "Let there be Light". Flickering light shining through the words gives them a 'new' dimension.

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