NPA News Feb/Mar 2018

Penny Withers, Winter Landscape

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  • Sherwood Forest Wood Firing Society – Brian Holland
  • From the golden times – Chris Utley & Isabel Denyer
  • On my shelf (David Lloyd Jones) – Colette Hennigan
  • Behind the smile – Ann Bates
  • Give me a face – Ruth Charlton
  • Profile – Mia Frampton
  • Tips for better pictures – Sylvie Joly (London Potters)
  • Graham’s Heads

Members’ Gallery
Bridget Thompson, Karin Hessenberg, Rene Cryer, John Cook, Anna Binns, Stephen Lunt, Steve Rice, Lizzy Moyce, Ruth Charlton

Book Review – Roger Bell
Additions to Clay Bodies by Kathleen Standen