NPA News July 2012

Alan Ball, Large Oval Black Pot, 18cm high x 17cm diameter

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  • Out of the Earth lll – Shirley Peacock
  • European Prize for Applied Arts 2012 –James Faulkner
  • A Japanese Passion – Alex McErlain
  • Potting with Parkinson’s – Dan Bridge
  • Manor Stokes – urban wood firing
  • A Potter’s Mole writes – Rob McMillan
  • A Potter’s Moll writes – Liz Robison

Members’ Gallery
Lesley Nason, Judy Taylor, Maggie Barnes, Paul Muchan, Paul Reid, Gillian Sykes, Carolyn Corfield, Lorraine Clay, Michelle Freemantle & Anna-Mercedes Wear

Book review – Roger Bell
Ceramics & the Human Figure by Edith Garcia