NPA News July 2011

David Wright, Square Bottle, coiled, beaten, wood fired with wood ash glaze

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  • Fired Up – Gerald Unwin
  • Out of the Earth II – Shirley Hetherington
  • Presenting to Potting – Lizi Botham
  • Marriage, Clay, Life and all that – Jenny Eaton
  • Urban Traces: Ceramics and the City – Brigitte Soltau
  • ‘Transformations’ in Sheffield Cathedral – John Rivers
  • First and Worst – David Wright

Members’ Gallery
Kirsti Buhler Fattorini, Steve Booton, Laura Hancock, David Wright, Lorraine Clay, Penny De Corte, Gerry Grant

Book Review – Roger Bell
Wall Pieces, by Dominique Bivar Segurado