NPA News May 2012

Anna Whitehouse, Disc, stoneware, 42cm high

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  •  Curator’s Corner – Helen Walsh
  • A Paddle and Anvil Technique – Chris Jenkins
  • Memories of Ray – Alex McErlain
  • Ceramic Eggs for Easter Hunt
  • A Potter’s Moll writes – Liz Robison
  • Forty Years of Playing with Mud – Carolyn Corfield
  • ‘Potters Don’t Retire’ – Michèle Beverley

Members’ Gallery
David Wright, Ruth Charlton, Anne Haworth, Wyn Abbot, Shirley Hetherington, Anne Pilkington, Julie Miles, Ann Decker, Steve Booton

Book review – Roger Bell
Gordon Baldwin: Objects for a Landscape, ed. David Whiting