Clay, Lorraine


Since downsizing I tend only to make work for specific commissions or exhibitions. In 2014 I submitted a design for the Pendlebury prize and made pieces for a Northern Potters exhibition at Durham cathedral inspired by the Last Supper window. Last year I made pieces for the Northern Potters exhibition at the Oriental Museum, Durham: after a handling session with terracotta vases collected by Flinders Petrie in Egypt I was led to consider how pieces reach museums and galleries and the people involved. Most recent pieces have led from a request for an Archibald Knox style statement piece. I had fun experimenting with stoneware slip trailing but moreso enjoyed the process of making bisque hump moulds and creating press moulded pieces from these. Once the commission was over I designed others with leaves from Jedburgh, lotus patterns, trailing bindweed, and for an exhibition at Shepherd’s Dene their labyrinth design. Most recently I have been commissioned to make a weathered bowl and I look forward to revisiting this unique process again.

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