Glover, Judith


My recent work uses the ancient technique of coiling and is inspired by the Bolognese painter Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964). Morandi’s still life paintings are known for their restrained tones and his fondness for grouping together tall, slender vessels and bottles. He rarely painted an object that stood on its own. My collection has a similar philosophy: that the pots have much more to communicate collectively than singly. Thus they are presented as trios, where the relationship between the pieces – and the spaces between them – are as important as the composition. Each vessel is 27-34 cms high and decorated with tinted slip in a narrow range of earth colours: greys, cream, spice and charcoal. Their matt surface is unglazed and fired to around 1200 C. These are sculptural pieces, not designed as vases, but rather as collective objects that enhance the interior design of homes.

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