Harrison, Hilary


I live in North Cumbria on the Solway at Burgh by Sands. I have a garden studio that looks out to the fells and Skiddaw. I have more sheds that house my kiln, my glazes, my dry ingredients. Over the past few years I have been making earthenware slab ware and clocks have been one of my regular makes. I am very interested in surface pattern and build up my designs with coloured slips onto paper and the print onto the slabs. I take inspiration from vintage fabrics and wallpaper from the 1950s. I also make domestic thrown ware in earthenware,  stoneware and porcelain. In the past, I made a lot of slipcase ware in porcelain making my own moulds. Inspiration comes from the natural world and often from tiny things like seeds and spices. For nearly ten years now I have been a member of The Fountain  Gallery in Wigton, Cumbria. This is a co-operative venture with about 20 members at present. My work can be found there. I sometimes have a stall at Potfest in the Pens and have exhibited in a number of exhibitions over the years including Upfront Gallery and Craftsmen at the Priory, Lanercost, Cumbria.