Kemp, Suzan


30 years ago I went to college and studied ceramics and started up my studio but the twists and turns of fate resulted in not being able to continue and having to find a career that provided regular monthly remunerations so I went into teaching. BUT now that I have retired I have returned to my 1st love and as they say ‘Once you learn to ride a bike…’. So I guess I am an old new potter! I have spent the last 18 months working on creating a studio space (supported by my wonderful partner who is very good with his hands – plumbing and electrics etc.) Members of the NPA responded to my cry for equipment to get me going and to them I am very grateful. I have been experimenting with different styles and techniques and I have lost my heart to agate ware and it’s not the easiest of techniques to master and no doubt it will be a lifelong learning adventure. I love to work with coloured clay and whilst I might glaze the inside of a pot I tend to leave the outside unglazed and allow the beautiful colours of the clay, textures and patterns speak for themselves. I believe in letting the clay do the talking. Now that I know my direction I am focusing on refining my work to a point that I now feel confident to show my creations to the outside world. I am indebted to the support of other potters who have helped, advised and are mentoring my progress. Without them I would still be fumbling in the dark.

07765 331626