Komar-Dixon, Gabi


My ceramics reflect the tactile joy of throwing pots and handling clay – the surface decorations invite you to pick the bowls up and feel their texture and form in your palms. All my pieces are unique, handmade on the pottery wheel in my studio in Hale, Greater Manchester. I use white earthstone and earthenware clay for throwing, then decorate the surface by adding raised textural elements or hand-carved depressions, whilst some are left perfectly smooth. The pots are finished with bright earthenware glazes, layered and combined with oxides. ​ My search is to produce a pot that finds balance between the glaze, shape and design. They must ‘feel right’. The colours are a reflection on my love of the sea, the changing turquoise hues of the Mediterranean – the scene of my childhood summers -, and the darker moodier blues of the Atlantic Ocean close to my home now. Growing up in Budapest, Hungary, has left me with a legacy of the richness and beauty of the applied arts of the Central European Art Nuovo movement ‘Secession’, an influence that also emerges in my decorations. My white speckled pots are the results of seeking calmer, simpler aesthetics, made in a quieter mood. My ceramics range between functional bowls and semi-functional / decorative work. They invite and deter touch at the same time.

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