Smith, Sally


Sally now retired, has returned to the workshop having potted intensely but spasmodically since the the mid ’80s, making domestic stoneware using both gas and electric kilns. She continues to make a wide range of domestic and giftware but with the gas kiln long gone, the need to explore the versatility of oxidising glazes came to the fore. Slips are used extensively; brushed, dipped and trailed freely. Glazes are often ash based or just basic glazes transformed by a growing working knowledge of chemistry. Thrown or hand built pots are used as blank canvases. Influences range from early Chinese black and white Tz’u Chou ware to C F Binns, a Victorian chemist, teacher and potter: the ethos, or perhaps the religion of being part of the environment of one and the legacy of Binns in transposing pottery from factory to workshop the other.

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